Adventures in Adulthood: Pioneer Woman Tea

I know that I have been away from blogging for a while (okay, more like 6 months), but I plan on getting back into the swing of things. In recent news, I just moved north. Okay, I moved to Rhode Island, but in my head, saying I moved “North” sounds better. When I say it that way, I feel like I’m back in the Civil War era and that I’m proudly declaring myself a Yankee (“I do declare!”), or something along those lines.

Also, I have this weird mental block on “Rhode Island” as a concept. Despite now living here, I struggle to accept that it is a real place. In my head, it’s like some colonial myth (much like Anne Hutchinson)- a totally historical place that, since it is historical, must therefore be fictional (yeah, I know the logic there is a bit iffy, but it is what goes on inside my head, so that’s pretty iffy to start with). Sure, Philadelphia is a historic (even colonial) place, but it also exists, and frequently makes the news (okay, mostly for murders). Ah well, I’ll eventually wrap my head around the idea of Rhode Island. Now, the Rhode Island accent, that’s another matter. How on earth does the Rhode Island accent make sense?

Anyways, the moral of the story is that I’ve moved to a new city, and as a result, I seem to be missing a few necessary things. I’ve been set adrift in adulthood- wandering about in the wilderness of grown-up life. To be honest, it’s more than a bit terrifying (thank you parents, for everything; thank you former roommates for teaching me what vegetables are; thank you everyone I’ve spoken to in the last week for encouraging me). I went grocery shopping for the first time (first time in this new place- of course I’ve been grocery shopping before, but now it seems like a whole new ballgame) and nearly had a meltdown. My thought process went like this:

“What do normal people eat? I like frozen goods [reaching into the freezer section]- wait! I can’t cook frozen goods- I don’t have a microwave! Aaagh, what do real people do?? Soup! You can make soup in the microwave OR on the stove! Adults use the stove! I can be an adult! [reaching for soup cans] Wait- I can’t have soup- I don’t have any bowls, only plates. You can’t have soup on a plate, you just can’t. Noooooo!”

Incidentally, I got the soup. And I bought a bowl. One bowl. Ah well, you win some and you lose some. I’ll get more bowls later (because respectable adults have company, and they make food for their company, which requires them to own more than one bowl).

I also discovered a new way to apply one of my adult skills: boiling water. Usually, I microwave water for tea, but of course, I don’t have a microwave. I do have all the other necessary things, though, like a mug and tea bags and water. But how to make the water hot. Teapots boil water, but I don’t have a teapot. Aha- boiling water! I can do that in a small pot (thank you parents for pots and pans). Weird to pot-boil water for tea? Possibly, but I really wanted my tea, so I did it. I felt very much like a pioneer woman with my pot-boiled water (pioneer women used pots to boil water, right? On their cast-iron stoves, right? In their cabins?), but I had my tea! Success! I haven’t starved yet- more success!

Undoubtedly, there are more of my adventures in adulthood to come (as I founder about trying to pretend I’m completely competent), so stay tuned.


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