To All Readers: This is the latest incarnation of the blog Liber Lexica, which used to be hosted on Blogger.


This blog is meant as a fun outlet for me to discuss/complain about/note things of interest and intrigue in the realms of history, art history, classics. Occasionally it also just ends up being a forum for other things that pop up into my life, like travel or my endeavor to go from being an undergraduate to a graduate student. The moral of the story is that I can’t promise you’re going to learn anything, but I am hoping to amuse you. As a warning, I really enjoy writing about movies and television (I’m partial to Disney and BBC America), and my favorite historical period is the Middle Ages (a world before last names and basic hygiene woohoo!). I also enjoy food, although that rarely works itself into Liber Lexica.


I encourage everyone to subscribe; in part because it definitely makes me feel good about myself, in part because knowing people will read encourages me to write, and in part because it makes it easier for you, the reader. Also, feel free to add to the discussion- commenting and re-posting are way easier than writing the stuff and posting it in the first place.


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