The Greatest Showman: Razzle Dazzle v. Reality

Audiences have spoken (sung?) and declared The Greatest Showman a bona fide box office hit. Despite a slightly quieter opening weekend than anticipated ($8.8 million, weekend of 12/20/17), the movie has hung on weekend after weekend, with unprecedented drops, even against blockbuster openings through the holiday season. Heck, it’s April and we’re talking about the sing-a-long version of TGS while the Last Jedi (which also … Continue reading The Greatest Showman: Razzle Dazzle v. Reality

BBC America, “Copper”, and Haberdashery

Against my better judgement, I watched the season opener of BBC America’s Copper. The show is, as far as I can tell, about a rough and tumble detective named Kevin Corcoran in 1864 New York. I was wary to watch it because the commercials made it look like the BBC interpreted 19th century New York City (i.e. the biggest city/most urban area in the United … Continue reading BBC America, “Copper”, and Haberdashery